Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Hello World

The idea of this Blog is to help all busy students and teachers to find a place where they can constantly look for information related to Business issues.

I hope you find this place your place of constant knowledge and learning.

Happy journey to all of us!!




Claudia Ceraso said...


Wish you and your students all best with this new Business English blog.

Hope you create a successful learning and exploration ground where students can enjoy discovery and make learning paths of their own.

You're in my RSS. Look forward to your future posts!

All best,

The FCE Blog

Berta said...

Hi Jennifer, another blog in the making!!! Why don´t you check the codes of the widgets and see if you can play with the sizes. Maybe the dictionary has another layout which is narrower and can better fit in the sidebar. As I mentioned in a message, the width of the sidebar and main content page can be changed. Contact me to give you more details in case nothing else works.
Warm regards from almost -20 in Toronto, Berta

Mary H said...

Hi Jennifer,

You have a great idea to provide business English resources here. I hope to come back soon and see how this project has grown!

Mary H

Jo said...

Hi Jennifer,
I love your blog! Because it's so 'to the point'. Just what busy people need.

And whenever I'm next teaching business English perhaps you will allow me to refer my students to it.

Keep at it!
Johanna (from BaW)